TNT Paintball is Re-Opening

Sorry for the long post, but there is much information to cover, so please make sure you read it all so you don’t miss out on being able to play.

Starting May 23, TNT Paintball is re-opening with limited participation as per British Columbia’s Provincial Health Guidelines.  A maximum of 50 people will be allowed at the facility at one time.  During the foreseeable future we will be requiring social distancing among customers not living in the same household, both on our playing fields and in the registration, parking, and safe zone areas.  We also suggest our visitors wear face masks while at the facility.

Our rental equipment will be given an extra thorough cleaning regiment.  Each of our rental masks will only be used once per week and sanitized after each use of course.

Due to the limited allowable number of participants, ALL participants will need to be prepay.  As we cannot chance having more than allowable number of people at the field, there will be no drop-in (pay at the gate) players allowed.  This includes those players that have memberships.  We have made a special “Membership Holder” package for our online booking  process which will allow members to purchase some paintballs to secure a reserved spot.  ALL renters and gear owners will need to prepay for their field fee/rental or field fee package.  During the on-line payment process, renters and  gear owners will have the ability to purchase 500 paintballs each at a special deeper discounted price to encourage people to pre-purchase their paintballs so our staff will have even less contact with our customers (extra paintballs will still be available at the field to purchase should you require more).

We will have Splat Ball, .50 calibre (Renters Only), and .68 calibre (Renters and Gear Owners welcome) paintball available, but will not have both .50 calibre and .68 calibre paintball available on the same day.  The easiest way to find out which days will have the version you would prefer to play is to press the book now button on our website.  Enter the number of players in your group (between 1 and 30).  During the process you will be given choices of the days available for your chosen version of paintball.  The online booking system has a hard cut-off at 30 players for both .50 and .68 calibre.  Once 30 people have signed up, it will not allow any further booking s for that day.  If you enter a number or participants higher than what is still available, that date will not show as available to book.  For instance, if you want to bring out 8 people on Saturday but there are only 7 spots left, Saturday’s date will not show up as an available date for you.  If you enter “7” instead of “8” it will show up.

Those of you booking for a youth 10th to 16th birthday for either .50 or .68 calibre and are not needing to pay for the birthday child, book for the number of players you need to pay for (i.e. total 8 with the birthday child, book for 7) and leave a note in the comments section that you have the birthday child as well.  We will then reserve one extra spot for your group.  If you would like to take advantage of the reduced prepaid rate for 500 players for each participant, we will honour that rate for the birthday child’s 500 paintball on game day at the field or you can call us and prepay for those 500 as well with a credit card over the phone.

Splat Ball will be limited to groups of 10 players, plus two extra helpers (usually parents) in the Safe Zone.  Other parents not wanting to go home while their kids are playing must either wait in their cars or in a separate viewing area, well away from the rest of the participants.  There are some beautiful parks and hiking areas nearby (i.e. Matheson Lake, East Sooke Park, Galloping Goose) that may be viable options for those choosing to stay nearby.  We will have one Splat Ball group with signup starting at 10:30 and ending at 1:00 (must leave facility by 1:30) and one Splat Ball group starting signup at 1:30 and ending at 4:00).  Each Splat Ball group will have their own sanitized shelter built to accommodate 20 or more participants under normal circumstances.

Paintball (not Splat Ball) participation will be limited to 30 participants spread out between two of our shelters to allow for social distancing.  Due to the limited number of participants that we can accommodate, we suggest booking your paintball outing early to ensure you get a spot.

We are also suspending our hot dog lunch option for the time being.  We will still have chips, chocolate bars and beverages for sale.  You are welcome to bring your own food of course.

We also have weeknight paintball available Mondays through Thursdays for groups between 10 to 20 participants.  These are private parties.  More information is available on our website at .

Also, due to our current restrictions, our monthly .68 calibre Discount Games will be suspended. We hope to resume this popular monthly event as soon as we are able to run at full capacity again.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 250-658-1177 or email us at  To make a booking or view which dates are currently available for your preferred version of paintball press any of the “Book Now” links and enter the number of players in your group and you will see all available dates.

We look forward to seeing everyone again and providing some exciting, safe outdoor fun!


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