Our Facility

TNT Paintball has many distinctly different playing fields for your enjoyment. Each one has it’s own flavour.  These fields should be seen (and played on) in person to really appreciate the efforts put into each one. Numerous fields also means that players never have to wait for another group to finish playing and vacate the field which results in more playing and less sititng and waiting. We also have covered shelters with benches and tables for between games and enjoying a snack. An affordable lunch option is usually available as well.

If you would like a tour of our facility, call ahead and we can make arrangements to facilitate that. We would never expect you to book a venue for your event sight unseen.


Tube Town

If you like your paintball fast and furious, you will love Tube Town.  The closest thing resembling a tournament type field at TNT Paintball, Tube Town will ensure your adrenaline gets pumping.  The field is layed out in a symmetrical pattern so neither team will have an advantage over the other.

Did we mention the stadium lighting?  With enough lumens to see your opponents itchy trigger finger from across the field on even the darkest of nights, Tube Town is the field we usually end our evening paintball on.  But it’s fun day or night.


Bad Town

They thought settling on the Eastern Slopes would keep them out of harm’s way. But they were wrong. The cluster of shacks hadn’t always been called Bad Town, but eventually that’s what it became known as; its reputation staking claim to the title.

The guerillas aren’t always around en masse, but a few sentries are left behind at all times to keep the settlers in line. But a revolt is brewing; never spoken of out loud, but its in the air. It’s not a long way off either. Arms have been gathered and hidden away. It’s just a matter of time before the settlers take back their town. Or so they hope.  Will you have what it takes to fight for the freedom of Bad Town?


Thunder Hill

Your mission: Attack the steel tower surrounded with fortified steel bunkers and capture the flag in the allotted time. It may seem impossible, but slowly your forces whittle away at the defenders, leaving fewer and fewer of them to defend the flag. But your comrades are falling as well, being picked off by the snipers in the defending quadrant.

But you can’t give up, so you leapfrog from bunker to bunker, getting your teammates to provide cover fire. Time is running out and your adrenaline is speeding up as well. It’s time to take some chances.

Can you grab the flag and be the hero? There is only one way to find out!


Urban Assault

The urban landscape is alive with invading enemy forces. Movement can be seen behind vehicles of all sorts and even inside buildings. But who are they and why are they invading our little piece of paradise? Will they run us over or will our fellow citizens put up enough resistance to drive them away?

The cavalry will not be helping us out, so we are going to have to do this on our own. Will we survive the onslaught, or will we fall apart and be overrun? It will take strength and cunning if we are going to survive. Have you got what it takes?


Broken Hills

The twentieth century is still a decade away. The Sheriff and his deputies have been eliminated. Lawlessness has become the name of the game. The saloon no longer emits the joyous sounds of the honky-tonk. The jail has been broken into and broken out of. Bodies are piling up and the mortician can’t keep up with the funerals.

The law has been taken by those that once feared it, but now ignore it. Can the citizens of Broken Hills restore peace once again? Can they conquer those that have no fear of consequences anymore? Hard fought battles and time will tell. Will you be one of the survivors or will the mortician be looking down at your corpse before the day is done?


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