Have a Birthday to Remember!

Birthday Group 1Racking your brain over how to celebrate an upcoming birthday? There is nothing better that a Paintball Party at TNT Paintball. They are simple to organize, inexpensive, different, great for most ages, and everyone goes home with big smiles on their faces!

In the Victoria area, there is nothing better than a TNT Paintball Party for celebrating a birthday that will be remembered for a lifetime. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to shoot their brother, sister of friend on their birthday? Paintball is actually a very safe activity.

Kids as young as 10 years old can take part in our regular Renter Only .50 calibre games in our .68 calibre option when available, although we do recommend a minimum of 12 years old for the .68 calibre.  Kids as young as 8 can take part in our Kid’s Splat Ball games. But don’t think that just kids can celebrate their birthday with a TNT Paintball Party. We have folks in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s celebrate with us all the time. We’ve even had a couple of 60th birthday parties and every time, everyone leaves with big smiles and lots of memories.

That’s why we get people from Greater Victoria, Gulf Islands, Sidney, Cobble Hill/Shawnigan, Duncan, Nanaimo and everywhere in between booking their party at TNT Paintball.

What’s the Cost and How Long does it Last?

We make it very simple at TNT Paintball. All our pricing for field fees and rentals is on a per person basis. You can see all our pricing on the pricing page.  You will notice that there are some bonus paintballs included when paying for groups of 6 or more players.  In general 300 – 400 paintballs will allow most players to stay approximately 3 hours which is the recommended minimum time needed to have a good time. You are of course welcome to stay longer, usually right up until 4:00 pm, you just may need a little more ammo.

You can see all the pricing for our regular Renter Only .50 calibre or All Welcome .68 calibre games here.

For kids between 8 and 12 years old, our lower velocity Splat Ball games are a great option. Check out the details and prices here.


What can you bring to make it a birthday celebration?

We make it very simple at TNT. We take care of everything needed to play paintball. Whatever you want to do to make it a party – just help yourself! Some groups just come to play paintball but others want balloons, cake, presents, etc. You’re welcome to do whatever you want and stay as long as you like. We have covered shelter with benches and tables.  The shelters are quite large so often there may be several groups sharing one large shelter.  There are usually short breaks between each 15 minute game and we take a longer break around 1:00 or so at which time we have a hotdog lunch available if you like, or you can bring your own food & snacks. If the longer break at 1:00 doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can always opt to sit out one of the games, in which case you’ll have about a 25 minute window to do whatever you want.

Kid’s Splat Ball sessions have different schedules and pricing. See the Kid’s Splat Ball page for details


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