Kid’s Splat Ball

Splat Ball 6
Splat Ball is ideal for younger kids wanting to try paintball without the discomfort sometimes associated with regular paintball. Splat Ball uses spring powered paintball markers specifically designed for younger players. These markers use the smaller paintballs and shoot at approximately half the velocity of a traditional paintball marker, therefore the impact is much less.

Kids between 8 and 12 can play Splat Ball. Parents can join as well if they like. All participants will be provided a mask, chest protector, Splat Ball marker.  Paintballs are included as well. Sessions are approximately 2.25 hours long including time for sign-up, instructions, and gearing up with approximately 2 hours of play time.


Splat Ball 4Splat Ball is very popular for kid’s birthday parties. After the play is over you are welcome to stay a little longer to have snacks & cake. We do not have permanent power at our facility and therefore are unable to have a fridge or freezer, so bringing an ice-cream cakes is not recommended.  Remember to bring paper plates, plastic utensils and such as well.


$299 (plus tax) for up to 10 participants, extra participants can be added at a cost of $29.90 each. The limit is 20 participants in total. An absolute minimum of 6 players are needed to play. Parties must be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance and are subject to availability.  ALL the paintballs you will need are included!


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