Bachelor Parties

A paintball bachelor party is good, clean fun. OK, you might get a bit dirty, but you know what we mean. It’s something most brides will approve. As a matter of fact, we get brides booking their fiancé’s bachelor parties on a regular basis. With our newer, smaller paintball option, it’s also becoming more and more common for the bride’s friends to throw her a paintball party as well. We’re even seeing mixed parties more regularly. What better way for the bride’s friends to meet all the groom’s friends?

Please feel free to dress up the groom and make him the main attraction on the field. You wouldn’t want him to be able to blend in and hide and miss all the action, would you?

Booking your Bachelor Party

If you are going to opt for the larger .68 calibre paintballs, we suggest you book the event at least a week or two ahead of the big day so that the welt or two (or half dozen) can fade away. Otherwise, opt for the smaller .50 calibre paintballs, where the welts, if any, are much smaller. Either way, make sure you book as far in advance as possible, so you won’t be disappointed if we sell out. Pricing for our Renter Only .50 calibre and our All Welcome .68 calibre games an be found here.


Also, please remember that alcohol and/or cannabis and paintball do not mix, so save the partying for afterwards. One more word of caution, experience has shown us that there are likely to be a number of people who do not show up for the Bachelor Paintball Event if the crew has a spirit filled night of partying the evening before, so we suggest playing paintball and then heading off for other adventures later in the day or the next day. We’ll leave it up to you of course, as you know your friends better than we do.


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