Corporate Team Building

Drawing a Plan
You’ve been given the task of organizing this year’s team building event. What to do? Last year’s golf outing was fun from most of the feedback you heard, but there was definitely a bit of a disconnect between some of the avid golfers and those that don’t normally play the game. Splitting everyone up into small groups seemed to defeat the purpose of a team building event as well.

A paintball team building event will not split everyone up into small groups and with the option of our rental guns using smaller paintballs (standard size paintballs are available if you prefer), everyone will be on an equal playing field and everyone can participate. Our fully supervised games have missions and tasks that teams endeavour to accomplish, just like the real world, just more fun.

Building & Bonding

At a paintball event, company hierarchy takes a back seat to employee bonding. On the paintball field, they guy sweeping the warehouse floors can feel, and be, just as important to getting the mission completed as the VP of Sales. Everyone will be together laughing and talking about their conquests. When you return back to the office, new connections will have been made between employees that never would have happened otherwise.

Friendly Competition

Attacking Thunder Hill

Need to instill a little competitive atmosphere into the company? Maybe organize a paintball game between Sales and Project Development or Admin and Budgets. You divide the troops into teams or let us do it for you. It will all be done in good fun of course. No one will get hurt and everyone will come out of it with smiles on their faces.

Sales vs. Customers?

Need to show your prospective customers a good time? A paintball event will ensure everyone has a good time and most importantly will bring customers and company employees together in a unique way that your customers will remember forever.

Maybe you want to strengthen your relationships with your Suppliers. A paintball event can help you with that as well. Book your paintball event today by clicking the Book Now link or give us a call and we can discuss your needs and customize your event with you.

Times & Availability

Need an early Monday morning event to wake up the guys and gals? Maybe a Friday afternoon event before heading off to a company barbeque? Or make it an all day event. We can even organize an after work event for you.  With stadium lighting, we don’t even need daylight.  We can accomodate up to 60 participants at one time with enough notice.  Whatever your needs, we can probably accommodate you. Call us if you have any questions or the time you need isn’t shown as a choice on our online booking program. 250-658-1177


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