Evening Hyperball

50 cal player

Looking to get out with the gang after work to blow off some steam and have some fun?  Look no further.  We now offer evening paintball starting at 6:00 p.m. and ending at 8:30.  All you need is to pick your night, prepay field fees and rentals for between 10 and 20 participants and then show up to have the time of your life.

What is Hyperball?

Hyperball is paintball played on our popular Tubes field which is symmetrically designed so neither team has any terrain advantage, much like arenas is competitive play in other sports.  Play on our Tubes field tends to be explosive and really gets the adrenaline pumping taking your paintball experience to the next level.  But don’t worry.  Evening Hyperball is available in both .50 calibre and .68 calibre, so if you want to tone down the extremity of the experience a bit, just choose to play with the .50 calibre gear and paintballs.  It will still be fast, but with a little less “Ouch!”.  If you think your group can handle the full throttle experience, by all means choose the .68 calibre version.

50 cal player

Availability & Cost

Evening Hyperball is available most evenings from Monday to Thursday but must be pre- booked, preferably a week or more in advance.  Cost is $22.99/player prepaid with a minimum 10 needed and a maximum of 20 players due to field size limit. Paintball are extra and must be purchased from TNT Paintball on game day. All prices can be seen here. Book online today or call us at 250-658-1177.


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