Rental Equipment

Our .68 calibre Rental Marker

Since we opened TNT Paintball, way back in 2001, we have been using Tippmann .68 calibre markers for their dependability.  Currently our main .68 calibre rental marker is the Tippmann FT-12.  It uses the same technology as the Tippmann Model 98, which we used for many years.  We still have some of the Model 98’s around that we put into service on extremely busy days.  They are still extremely dependable; the FT-12’s are just a little prettier.  We pair both up with a 48 cubic inch HPA (High Pressure Air) tank for dependable velocity.  The marker and tank (without hopper and paintballs) weigh in at approximately 5 1/4 pounds.  This isn’t too much for an adult but can be a bit of a handful for younger players and some female players.  The dependability of this combination however is unsurpased.  It’s been said that a Tippmann could be run over by a car and still work just fine.

Our .50 calibre Rental Marker

We use the GOG .50 calibre eNMEy semi-automatic marker combined with a 13 cubic inch HPA (High Pressure Air) cylinder for our .50 calibre rental marker.  All players are issued the exact same marker, so everyone is on an even playing field.  We chose the .50 calibre eNMEy instead of converting our .68 calibre Tippmann FT-12 to .50 calibre for several reasons.  The GOG .50 calibre eNMEy is considerably smaller and lighter than the converted FT-12.  Combined with the 13 cubic inch HPA tank (instead of the 48 cubic inch tank the FT-12 needs), it weighs just a little more than half of what the FT-12 does (under 3 pounds), the difference being almost 2 1/2 pounds (over 1 kilogram).  That may not seem like much, but almost everyone appreciates the lighter weight after a few hours of play.  The GOG .50 calibre eNMEy is also the quietest .50 calibre marker available with decibel readings of aproximate 1/3 of the FT-12 readings.  Because the GOG eNMEy is much more efficient on air source, the 13 cubic inch tank we have paired it with provides sufficient energy to shoot all the paintballs needed during a game, while providing light weight and perfect balance (not making the marker “tail heavy”), making it much easier to aim and “snap shoot”.

Rental Masks

We currently use two main rental masks, the V-Force Sentry mask and the Tippmann Valour masks.  The  V-Force Sentry has a built in visor, chin strap and closed cell foam for comfort.  The Valour masks have been discontinued, but we are keeping some around as long as we can for people wearing larger framed glasses (the Sentry’s are fine for the majority of people with glasses).  Combined with our anti-fog solution, both will provide comfort, safety and fog-free vision.


Each rental player in our Renter Only (.50 calibre) and our .68 calibre games will receive a camouflage anorak type top if they wish.  Camouflage pants are also available at an additional cost.



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