Frequent Player Punch Card

Now available!

For $75 (plus tax) you can purchase a punch card with 5 separate field fees and rentals on it. The drop-in rate for this is $40 each, so the potential savings are $125. The card can be used for both Renter Only (.50 calibre) or our .68 calibre game option.

As a bonus, we’ll even throw in a BBQ all beef hotdog and drink on those 5 days if you want it, saving you an additional $20.

The card is transferable, so you can pass it on to someone else if you can’t be there. However, the cards can only be used once per day. In other words, the card cannot be used for more than one player on any given day. Also please remember players must be a minimum 10 years old to play our .50 calibre (Renter Only or .68 calibre paintball).

The cards are now available for purchase at the field on days we are open (most Saturdays and Sundays). You can also purchase them by calling us with a credit card and we can send them to you through the mail which makes it really easy to give to someone as a present.

Give us a call at 250-658-1177 if you would like more information.

This offer may end without notice. Take advantage early.


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