Discount Tickets

BooknowPre-buy Bisic Fees & Rental Tickets or Discount Tickets and come anytime you want!  Just call ahead or book online when you are ready to play.

Click on the Ticket image on the left and you can pre-purchase Tickets that you can book your game with any time you want. Our Basic Fees & Rental Ticket for $22.49 (plus tax) will cover everything you need to play paintball and allows you to purchase paintballs on game day in any quantity you like. The Discount Ticket at $29.99 (plus tax) is the same but includes 100 paintballs to give you a little taste and then if you’re having fun, you can buy more paintballs and stay longer if you like.

They make great gifts too!

The tickets are non- refundable but never expire and are transferable so they will never lose their value. They make great gifts too! Reservations are required when using the Basic or Discount Package Tickets. Just click on the “Book Now” link and when making your reservation choose “I already have a ticket” when making your reservation.

These are sometimes available on other sites like the Deal of the Day Sites, the only difference may be whether the sales tax is charged right away when you buy them or not. If it’s not, then we need to charge the tax when you use them (yes, there is tax on paintball).

Some of the other sites may also have other restrictions such as certain days or times they can be used, so be aware of that. These ones here can be used any Saturday or Sunday we are open.


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