Weekday Games

Truck-Side-update-1All weekday groups must be booked by phone (250-658-1177) rather than our online booking system. This includes weekday statutory holidays (i.e. long weekend Mondays). We normally answer the phone 7 days a week between 9 am and 9 pm.

Weekday games are available in both our Renter Only (.50 calibre) and our .68 calibre versions. We are not open on weekdays unless we have a group scheduled and prepaid in advance.

Open (non-private) Weekday Games

For a non-private weekday game, the minimum number of packages needed to be purchased at our regular prepaid rate is at least 10. Once we have the minimum payment required, we will open the game to others in the hopes that we can find more players for you to play with.

Weekday Game Pricing

Prices do not include taxes
$25 per player (prepaid) (we must have a minimum of 10 players initially to open the field)
$20 per player (prepaid – if 20 or more players)
Gear Owners (.68 calibre version only) – Prices for players that have all their own gear can be found here about half way down the page.
Broken Hills 5
*Fees include: marker, mask, and camouflage top, use of playing fields and covered shelters with seating in Safe Zone, supplied referees, all day propellant. Paintballs are extra. Renter Only games use our regular .50 calibre paintballs and everyone is issued the exact same rental marker in these games to make it fair and fun for everyone.  Paintballs are extra and must be purchased from TNT Paintball.  Prices for .50 calibre paintballs can be found here and for .68 calibre paintballs here.

PLEASE NOTE that once we have a booking for a weekday game and others have made plans to join in, we have committed to being open that day and cannot give you a refund if you change your mind, so weekday games cannot be cancelled or rescheduled once others have joined.

Private Weekday Games

If you are wishing to have a private game on a weekday, please check out the requirments and prices on our Private Group Game page.



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