Private Group Games

Note:  All Private Games must be booked by phone rather than online.

You have the option to have a private game on any day of the week with only participants within your group on the playing field with you. However, we are limited to the number of private games we can accommodate and private weekend games normally need to be booked at least 1 week in advance.  Please call us at 250-658-1177 to check availability for a private game.

To qualify for a private game you need to have a minimum 20 participants and prepurchase a minimum of 20 packages at least one week in advance (On occasion we can book a weekday private game with less than a week’s notice – call us to see if that is possible).

Private Group Game Pricing

Prices do not include taxes
$25 per player (prepaid – minimum 20 players)
Private Group games are usually available in both .50 or .68 calibre versions.
Paintballs are extra and must be purchased from TNT Paintball. Prices for .50 calibre paintballs can be found here and for .68 calibre paintballs here.


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