.68 Calibre Option

Hours and Availability

We need an initial 10 participants to have a .68 calibre game. Once we get the initial reservation for 10 or more players, we’ll open reservations up for smaller groups and/or individulas, including players with their own gear. Once games have been opened to others, you will be able to see them on the calendar in our online booking system. You can also call anytime to check to see if we have any upcoming .68 calibre games that you can join.

Don’t have 10 players to get things rolling? Call us and let us know how many you have. If we get another call from someone and we get 10 players between 2 or more groups, that will work as well, as long as people are willing to prepay for their rental or gear owner packages.

We are open year round and our normal operating hours are Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 and 4:00. Most of our customers stay the whole 5 hours and we recommend a minimum of 3 hours including the sign-up and orientation process. There are days where we may not have a sufficient number of participants to be open, so if you are planning to pay at the door rather than prepaying to reserve spots, please call before you come out to make sure we will be open that day.Booknow The safest way to make sure we will be open and there will be spots available for your group is if you prepay in advance. You will also save money by doing so. We alos normally post our weekend schedule every Friday on our Facebook page.

Games using our .68 calibre equipment and paintballs can be booked for weekdays as well. We still need the minimum 10 players to open the field and need prepayment several days in advance (a week or more is preferred) so we have time to prepare and schedule staff for the event. Please see our Weekday Game page for pricing and more details.

You may also want to check out our .68 calibre Discount Days tentatively scheduled to happen twice every month for a chance to save money and play in an extra high adrenaline adventure.

.68 Calibre Rental Package Pricing

The .68 calibre paintball option uses larger paintballs than our regular Renter Only games. Check out the .50 or .68 calibre page for a comparison to see if it is right for you.
Prices do not include taxes

Rental Package At the Door

$40 (if available)

.68 Calibre Rental Packages – Prepaid Pricing

1-4 Players$32 ea. save $8 each over the at teh door price
5-9 Players$28 ea. save $12 each over the at teh door price
10-19 Players$24 ea.save $16 each over the at teh door price
20-60 Players$20 ea.save $20 each over the at teh door price
*Fees include: marker, mask, and camouflage top, use of playing fields and covered shelters with seating in Safe Zone, supplied referees, all day propellant. Paintballs are extra. .68 calibre games use our larger .68 calibre paintballs that carry a little more punch than their .50 calibre counterparts. These games may also have players with their own personal gear playing in them.
Just click on the Book Now image on the left, pick the package that corresponds with the number of participants in your group and you can pick the day and time you would like to play. Payments are made through PayPal’s site but if you don’t have a PayPal account don’t worry, you will have the option to use several different types of credit cards. You can also call us by phone to make a booking and then pay with a credit card over the phone.

.68 Calibre Paintball Prices


You will need some paintballs to play so here are the prices for our .68 calibre games. We are a Field Paint Only facility so all paintballs must be purchased from TNT Paintball and you cannot return with paintballs purchased on a previous day. Please only buy what you need for the day you play.


Gear Owner Pricing

Field Fees – $20 prepaid – $25 drop-in (if available)
Field Fees & 500 balls – $55 prepaid – $60 drop-in (if available)
* includes all day HPA/CO2


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